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The Patriot Pipe Lamp is completely hand-created and designed by Jamminlu21. Each lamp is made with care and is unique in small details.


May this light always be on to be a guide to find your way home. 


The pipe used is a mixture of black pipe and galvanized pipe with each lamp featuring its own unique mix and placement of the different pipe material (note the different color that each type of pipe features in the product photo); please be aware that as a result, your lamp may have a slightly different placement of pipe coloring than that of the product photo but this adds to the personalized and unique nature of the lamp. 


The handle of the lamp (which features a hand-painted American Flag) is the ON/OFF mechanism. With a quick turn, you can easily turn the lamp on or off with this custom feature. 


The glass insulators which serve as the lighting globes over the bulbs are each hand-picked from markets, antique malls, estate sales, and individual people jamminlu21 has visited or met during his travels throughout Texas and beyond. Insulators come in all different shapes and sizes with different brands and markings displayed on them. This guarantees that the insulators you receive will be unique as there are no two alike. Some colors, sizes, and styles are difficult to find and are even collected by glass enthusiasts. This is why you will notice a price difference for the colored insulators as they are more difficult to find because of their rarity and collector's value. The insulators were originally used on electric poles from the turn of the twentieth century onward (although today the insulators are not glass and look a bit different). Most have been in active use so the weather and elements have given them each an aged and weathered patina that enhances the character of the lamp.


This lamp has a heavy weight and feel and will enhance any room or area that you decide to display the lamp in. Be sure that you set it on a flat and sturdy surface. 


If you have additional questions, please contact jamminlu21 by using the contact form on the Home Page or on the Contact Page. 

The Patriot Pipe Lamp

PriceFrom $250.00
Insulator Color
  • This lamp is designed to use a 4-watt standard bulb or the equivalent wattage LED Bulb. Do not use more than a 4-watt equivalent. 

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